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Post  Cowstouchme on Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:35 pm

As most of you know, Moffatt, the other leader of this clan, was banned from RevolutionX. The 1st person to join Moffatt and I in the clan, and the 2nd highest rank, Aiiiidz, was kicked also, along with Ohio Boy.
Appeals are currently being made and processed, and investigations are still going on as to who reported them.

In another note, a few people have been ranked up.
In a sad note, I have kicked about 5 people from the clan due to inactivity, being horrible in wars, not listening to ranks, etc. Let these kicks be a warning to all of you, I am starting to get very annoyed and very serious about everybody following rules.

Until Moffatt and Aiiiidz can come back, I have ranked "Wet RS Dream" to a bronze star. He will be 2nd in command, until appeals are accepted. Wet RS is by far one of the best rags in our clan and a great war coordinator. He has also done a lot for this clan in the little he has been in it.

Thank you all.


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